Welcome, writers, to the Colorado Script Exchange!

We are thrilled to count you among the hard-working screen and TV writers seeking to connect with media-makers in an effort to bring your stories to the screen, big or small.

While we don’t require media-makers to register (searching is anonymous and open to everyone), we do ask our writers to create a profile. This way, you can create an account you can return to where you can present yourself as a writer. You will also be able to showcase your work in a professional manner..

This account is password protected, and you may access it at any time to add or remove any project you choose.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A name!
  • A project you want to share!
  • Definitely an email address interested parties can contact you at (feel free to create a dedicated account if you aren’t comfortable posting your private email).
  • A brief bio describing any related writing / film experience.
  • A one-sentence logline (anything more doesn’t look professional).
  • And a synopsis of the entire script -- just 2 pages, please.
  • You should have registered your script with either the or with the offices.

Finally, you’ll select the keywords that best describe your work so that those looking for stories just like yours will be able to find it easily!

We do require that the project you post be completed. In fact, we are counting on you to send in your best work. No first drafts, please. Look at this marketplace as the sort of opportunity where you want to make your best possible first impression.

For more info on how CSX works, please go to the FAQ page.

And here’s a secret: You don’t have to be a Colorado writer to post! You just have to have a story that is designed to be shot here.